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Does anyone want my URL?


Kyle had so much chance to become such a well written, developed character, and Ryan actually just destroyed all of that within ten minutes. I’m angry and upset on so many levels. He’s corrupted and you’re making him a fucking sex toy? Is this some sort of joke?

I’m so worked up over this that I keep actually gagging.

I am actually on the verge of vomiting.


I’m so so so disappointed that I can’t even. I know I’m probably complaining but I actually want to cry. They’ve ruined Kyle. Completely. Nothing makes sense.

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You’re leaving?

Yeah. I have no interest. I’m so mad over every episode of this show that followed the premiere that I just can’t even be bothered.

I’m giving this URL away free to a good home or whatever.

If you want it come and get it.

You can catch me on my personal, though.


I won’t be using this account anymore. I probably won’t delete it because there’s edits here I want access to. But I’m done trying to even deal with this blog after how many flat out stupid turns this show is taking.

It’s been real, chickens.